Criteria to be met in order to obtain the status of “Trusted Provider”

The EACCME® does not support the concept of accredited provider status as it offers no assurance regarding the robustness and fairness of the process when a provider has the right to accredit its own educational activities; this by itself undermines the quality of accreditation. 

However, the EACCME® recognises the outstanding quality of CME LEEs organised by a number of providers over many years and trusts that such providers will continue to maintain a record of excellence in CME activities. Therefore, providers with sufficient experience and a satisfactory history of EACCME® applications may apply for the status of Trusted Provider. 

The Trusted Provider status is about a faster and simpler process, and not about lowering the EACCME® standards and the quality of the accreditation process. 


The trusted providers will benefit from an expedited process for some fields of the criteria. The applicant enjoying the Trusted Provider status will be relieved from providing certain documents during the submission process but will need to have these available at the time of the event. 

For trusted providers: 

  • The evaluation process is reduced to 4 weeks.
  • COI forms do not need to be submitted at the time of the application, but must be available at the time of the event for possible monitoring. This applies to the members of the Organising/ Scientific organisation committee and to the faculty;
  • Application sent for review without waiting to receive the payment. However, the payment must be received before the finalisation of the procedure.


1) Minimum of 10 applications/year during the last 2 years

The applicant for Trusted Provider status will have to provide the UEMS-EACCME® with their track record of applications submitted. The UEMS-EACCME® will check the applicant’s list against its own records.

2) Consistent record of high quality applications

  • Application form completed correctly
  • Application accurately completed and paid on time
  • All supporting documents complete and submitted on time
  • Positive final UEMS-EACCME® decision for all applications received
  • Event material (booklet, website, app…) compliant with UEMS-EACCME® criteria

3) If amendments have been required to the Applicant’s applications 

  • These have been performed rapidly (consistently in less than one week)
  • The amendments fully addressed the concerns raised

4) The applicant has provided feedback on his/her applications to the EACCME®.

  • Scientific programme distributed to participants at the meeting in a printed or electronic form
  • Event feedback report provided for every accredited activity (within one month)

In addition to these criteria, the applicant must answer the following questions: 

  1. How can/do participants register in advance for an event?
  2. Demonstrate that for each activity a needs assessment process has been completed, how that process was performed and what relevant educational needs have been identified from that process.
  3. Explain how actual conflicts of interest are resolved in the case of an actual conflict of interest of a member of the Organising and/or Scientific Committee and/or of a speaker.
  4. Explain how attendance is monitored at each session of an event and how EACCME® certificates are delivered to participants.


When the application for Trusted Provider status is complete, it is presented to the UEMS EACCME® Governance Board for decision. The Trusted Provider status is granted for a defined period of 3 years.

In recognition of the high quality of the LEEs organised by trusted providers, the EACCME® offers a bronze (up to 10 applications per year), silver (more than 10 and up to 20 applications per year), gold (more than 20 and up to 30 applications per year) and platinum (more than 30 applications per year) Trusted Provider status. The EACCME® will present the trusted providers and their status (bronze, silver, etc..) in a prominent page on its website and the trusted providers can also present their status on their own websites and LEEs.

If the Board’s decision is negative the Applicant can submit a written reasoned appeal to the UEMS Secretary General within 2 weeks of receiving the Board’s decision. The Secretary General can ask the Board for reconsideration of the application within 2 weeks or confirm the decision in which case the decision becomes final. The decision taken by the Board after reconsideration of the application is final.

If the UEMS EACCME® decision on trusted provider status is negative, a renewed application can be submitted no earlier than after 1 year. 


The UEMS-EACCME® will monitor randomly selected activities organized by a Trusted Provider. Should the outcome of monitoring of the activity not be satisfactory, the report from the monitoring will be submitted to the EACCME® Governance Board that will consider retraction of the Trusted Provider status. The Board may ask the provider in question to provide additional information and explanations. If the Board finds the provider in breach with the UEMS EACCME® rules, the provider will lose the status of Trusted Provider for a defined period, not shorter than 1 year.

If you wish to apply for trusted provider status on behalf of your organisation, please complete the questionnaire and list of submitted applications and return these to