About us – Who are our partners?

For the review of applications submitted to the EACCME® for accreditation, the EACCME® relies on the expertise of its partners. Therefore all applications are reviewed simultaneously by:

  • The National Accreditation Authority (NAA) of the country in Europe within which the LEE will be held
  • The relevant specialty-based organisation, whether UEMS Specialist Section and Board/Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC), or European Specialty Accreditation Board (ESAB)


National Accreditation Authority (NAA)

Each country has a competent body that regulates CME-CPD accreditation within its territory.  This competent body varies according to the country and can be organised in different ways:

  • Nationally
  • On the basis of the specialty
  • On the basis of the regions

The EACCME® has signed agreements for the accreditation of live educational events and e-learning materials with a majority of National Accreditation Authorities in Europe (see About us – Which countries recognise EACCME® credits?).

In the EACCME® review process the National Accreditation Authorities will check the application for compatibility with local regulations.

UEMS Specialist Section and Board/

Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC)/

European Specialty Accreditation Board (ESAB)


The UEMS has currently 43 Specialist Sections and 14 Multidisciplinary Joint Committees.

It also works in collaboration with the following European Specialty Accreditation Boards (ESABs) for the following specialties along the principles of the EACCME® process:

  • Allergology and Clinical Immunology: European Board of Accreditation in Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EBAACI)
  • Cardiology: Specialist Accreditation Committee in Cardiology (SACC)
  • Oncology and Radiotherapy: Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE)
  • Pneumology: European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP)
  • Radiology: Accreditation Council in Imaging (ACI)

The EACCME® has particular agreements with ESABs. For all the above-listed specialties, the EACCME® will submit all eligible applications in these fields to the relevant ESAB for their specialist review. Accordingly, ESABs are entitled to issue an invoice to providers in order to cover for their specific administrative tasks and provisions for quality assurance in their CME events.

In the EACCME® review process the UEMS Specialist Section/Multidisciplinary Joint Committee/European Specialty Accreditation Board (ESAB) will check the application for compatibility with the EACCME®’s criteria.