About EACCME – UEMS Conference on CME-CPD

Every two year the UEMS-EACCME® holds a Conference on CME-CPD in Europe. This conference is the opportunity for all stakeholders in the field of accreditation (organisers of CPD-CME events, reviewers, accreditors…) to meet and discuss recent EACCME® developments.


Sevilla 2022

The UEMS held its Fifth UEMS Conference on CME-CPD, renamed "The Dr. Cees Leibbrandt EACCME Conference", on 11-12th March 2022 in Seville.

The theme of this two-day conference was New EACCME 2.1: Answering the Challenges of the Future

Conference programme


Presentation Day 1 - (11-03-2022):


EACCME in numbers

Methodology of analysis of EACCME data

Needs of participants/ Engaging participants/ Tailored learning

Quality assessment of events

New forms of CME-CPD


Presentation Day 2 - (12-03-2022):

Presentation of EACCME 2.1 


Live educational events

E-learning materials

New forms of accreditation

Industry support


Previous editions of the UEMS Conference on CME-CPD


Fully Virtual 2021

The Virtual UEMS Conference on CME-CPD in Europe “EACCME: Facing the COVID challenge and beyond” took place on 12 March 2021.

Conference programme


Measures taken by the EACCME in 2020 to face the COVID challenge

Physical event (postponement, live streaming, reduced deadline, refund)

Webinar (COVID Webinar, live webinar package, monitoring of participants)

Involvement and acknowledgement of industry

Accreditation of recordings of live educational events


How do Providers see the future ?

Prof. David Vodušek/Mr Michel Ballieu, BioMed Alliance 

Prof. Giuseppe Curigliano, European Cancer Organisation

Prof. Lino Goncalves, European Society of Cardiology


Brussels 2018

The fourth UEMS Conference on CME-CPD in Europe took place on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th November 2018 in Brussels at the:

Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace 
Rue Gineste 3 
1210 Brussels 

For the conference programme, click here.


Amsterdam 2016

The third edition of the UEMS Conference was organised in Amsterdam on 18th November 2016. EACCME® 2.0 was the central theme of the Conference which was well attended.

To view the programme of the conference, please click here.

Presentations made during the conference are available below:


Pictures of the conference are available below:


Brussels 2014

The second Conference was held in Brussels on 28th February 2014. The main purpose of this conference was to receive feedback from providers on the implementation of the new criteria for the accreditation of live educational events (UEMS 2012/30).

To view the programme of the conference, please click here.

Pictures of the conference are available below:


Brussels 2011

The first Conference took place in Brussels on 18th November 2011 and was entitled “The accreditation of CME-CPD in Europe – Contributing to higher standards in medical care”.

To view the programme of the conference, please click here.

Pictures of the conference are available below: