Accreditation of e-learning materials (ELM)

Register as a CME provider
In order to be able to submit an application for European accreditation of your CPD/CME event on the EACCME platform, you first need to create a user account. 
Please fill out the form to register as a provider. Once you have received confirmation of your login, you do not need to register a second time.
Submission process
If there is a fixed date when the e-learning material will go live and will be available for use to learners, the recommended time for submission of an application is at least 10 weeks from the planned launch of the online material
The whole evaluation process should take no more than 7 weeks from the moment the application has been sent out for review. An application will be sent out for review when the EACCME® office considers the application to be complete and has received payment of the accreditation fee.
Who is eligible to apply?
The EACCME® considers for accreditation events submitted by: 
  • an individual medical specialist 
  • a university or hospital department 
  • a scientific medical society 
  • a national medical association 
  • a medical communication agency 
  • a professional congress organiser (PCO) 
  • applications by other types of providers will be considered on a case by case basis 
as long as the application is supported by an appropriate medical specialist who will take responsibility for the application. This person must be registered with his/her National Regulatory Authority. The EACCME® will NOT consider for accreditation events where the content, format or faculty is influenced by industry.
For individual modules / e-platform / apps
The fee for application to the EACCME® for its accreditation of an e-learning material will be: 
  • 1 module: € 500
  • up to 10 accredited modules € 1,000 
  • up to 20 accredited modules € 1,500 
  • up to 30 accredited modules € 2,000
  • up to 40 accredited modules € 3,000 
  • up to 50 accredited modules € 5,000 
  • up to 100 accredited modules € 7,500
  • more than 100 accredited modules € 10,000 
For an e-library
Flat fee of € 5,000 
In addition to the fees above, there will be a flat fee of € 250 to be paid every year for the quality control review by EACCME® of e-platforms, apps and e-libraries. 
The above fees are VAT excluded. 
Should an applicant appeal, in accordance with the procedure set out in our reference document UEMS 2016/21, the EACCME® will charge an additional appeal fee of € 375. 
The EACCME® reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change its fees at any time. An application already submitted will be charged at the rate applicable at the time that it was made.
In some specialties, the UEMS-EACCME® has particular agreements with European Specialty Accreditation Boards (ESABs). Through mutual agreements with each of these, the UEMS-EACCME® will submit all eligible applications in these fields to the relevant ESAB for their specialist review. Accordingly, ESABs are entitled to issue an invoice to Providers in order to cover for their specific administrative tasks and provisions for quality assurance in their CME events.
For the full text of the “EACCME criteria for the Accreditation of E-learning Materials”, please click here: UEMS 2016/21